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062 - REST-API to Evernote



Since EN implemented new Tasks in EN10, they did not enhance their API to support processing Tasks. Here are some ideas around that
    • Invision Community offers a REST API to handle Forum postings (and all other stuff around managing the forums itself): REST API Documentation
    • EN itself does not provide API keys to customers to access EN forum - which is OK. It's not our (user's) main task to manage discussions by an API😉
  • But: It's our main task to manage our note within EN - and therefore we really need a complete and reliable API interface to our accounts.
    • The current API interface (see Documentation - Evernote Developers) is somewhat outdated (call it "Legacy" if you want...). There are 12 (in words: TWELVE) different documents available to describe access from "supported" operating systems and programming languages😞
  • My suggestion: Implement and offer a REST API to our accounts
    • REST is state of the art around nearly all Software products that use any server components
    • By using REST there's no need to provide different Developer APIs
    • Use Invision's implementation and documentation as a well known example😉
BTW - here a very interessting discussion from Invision forum
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