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Search function not working in order to find words within notes




When searching the word "ball" all notes or titles with "ball" in the beginning or as single word show up:
when a ball was hit or ballmaschine

What it is not found are all words containing "ball":

softball, hardball,...

which would be the normal behavior of a search engine.

Even a wildcard / joker like "*ball" is not available as in former days.

Or do I miss a functionality somewhere - the behavior is the same in the mobile app or in the desktop app.

Any ideas ? Thanks.



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11 minutes ago, tintintintin said:

What it is not found are all words containing "ball":

I don't think you are missing anything. The only odd things is that the "goto" suggestions (and ctrl+Q) do search for words containing the search phrase (normally) in the title. This can lead to the rather bizarre situation where suggested goto notes are not included in the search list when you press enter.


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Hello Mike,

it seems that your evernote works better than mine - see the example:

The search "tennis":


will not find the note "Padeltennis" (and many others):


Finding something is elementary for the app.

(AI-powered search also fails).

The behavior is the same in mobile app, desktop app und web client. So it is a database issue on the server side, or ?


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