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Issues while connecting to MS Office 365 Account


Until a few days ago, I was unable to sync calendars from my MS Office 365 account, despite connecting and disconnecting it multiple times. Even after meeting all authorization requirements, the calendar wouldn't show up in my Evernote. After weeks of trying, I gave up, thinking it might be a permission issue from my organization since I was able to connect my personal Gmail and Outlook accounts without any problems.

Today, I tried again, and luckily, I could connect my Office 365 Calendar! However, it somehow got added twice. Given that I have a personal account, this shouldn't have happened. I suspected a bug causing the same account to be added twice, and it did show two separate calendars. Unfortunately, only one of them was syncing.

I decided to disconnect both and try reconnecting, but the one that was working got disconnected, while the one that wasn't syncing is still there and won't disconnect. Since this calendar won't disconnect, I can't add it again. I tried going through my account settings to disconnect it from Linked Apps, but it isn't showing up there either. I've tried using my Mac app, Android app, and two web browsers, but the issue persists.

I'm using the latest versions of the app -
Android (S23 Ultra) - v10.93.0 (1223516)
Mac App (Macbook Pro M1 Pro) - v10.93.1
Web App - v10.92.3 (On the latest version of Mozilla Firefox, Chrome and Microsoft Edge)

Can someone from the Evernote team disconnect this calendar from the backend as a quick fix?

I also created a ticket on Evernote Help & Learning (3912780), but I am still awaiting a response.
Link for screen recording - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1T0kYNUWgyDRgMDBkL202GVZX3-pqGqhK/view?usp=sharing

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THX for sharing your experience here. You've done all that is possible from your site exemplary 👍

I for myself cannot help - my O365 calender syncs fine. And the EN support team is heavily underpowered...
But if the problems remain for a longer time, come back to here and beg for elevating priority of your ticket. Some users can manage it (but also with no grant for a solution 😉)

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