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Quick Task Durations + Plan My Day (Calendar + Tasks integration)

DC Peiffer


1. Quick task duration selections - 15 min, 30 min, 45 min, 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours. It would make sense to add the duration under the little calendar icon (set due date and recurrence) functions as we're adding notes. It almost seems like task duration is something that would already be featured there. 

2. Adding Tasks into our calendar views. With the task durations/time blocks pre-chosen based on what we selected (in note above) when we created the task. This is a powerful visual tool for planning reasonable times when task can be completed. It takes a hypothetical task, and makes it practical. It also helps identify tasks that are not practical for us to complete that day. 

2.5. A "Plan My Day" button that looks at your current day and intelligently sorts and chooses tasks to add into the calendar based on: 

  • Available time slots (if you have only 15 minute time slots available, it won't add a 1 hour duration task to the calendar)
  • Task due date
  • Task priority
  • How frequently or infrequently that task note is opened (older notes that haven't been viewed would receive lower priority) 


It could also make sense to give users the option (in settings) to choose the sorting logic that best suits their needs in the "Plan My Day" function. Examples:

  • Urgent + Important tasks would get highest placement (tasks with both an upcoming due date and flagged as high)
  • From there users can decide to choose for the sorting to prioritize either:
    • Urgent + Less Important (Tasks with a due date, but low, or no priority assigned)
    • Non-urgent + Important (tasks with no due date assigned, but given a high or medium priority)
    • To always prioritize Low priority tasks last, etc. 


Thanks Evernote team! I love the direction you're headed!

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