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Visual links (but not graphs)



I think the graph system (like Obsidian) is very complex and not very useful. But it would be fantastic if the Evernote team found a visual solution to represent links among different notes. When I write a paper, I make several notes and then put everything together into a text. It would be fantastic to see these notes on the same board.

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There were 3rd party solutions for this in the past. They all failed completely and disappeared, probably out of economical exhaustion.

Why should EN invest into something that didn’t work out when it was offered in the past ?

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As far as I know, both solutions were with graphs and their many, confusing links. I think about mind maps or something like that. There are already several applications proposing visual solutions for the relationship among notes. I believe this is the future of second brain applications. But either way, Bending Spoons will decide.

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Mind maps don’t work, because they always have a center node.

Both Bubble browser and Noio showed connections between notes, and clusters of notes around topics or tags. Neat, but after playing a little you realized they are of little practical usability. 

These are solutions in search for a problem.


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On 6/14/2024 at 12:00 AM, PinkElephant said:

Mind maps don’t work, because they always have a center node.

I know about a solution to view internal structures of a CAD system. It always
  • starts with a center structure item ("note") and points
  • to other items on the right and
  • from other to the current one from left.


Forget the the texts in the above example. It's only to show the principle:
  • You can see that both GRAPH[72062] and TEXT[70060] point to GROUP [79273].
    • In EN these items would be called "Backlinks" of "Note" 79273
  • GROUP [79273] points to three other items.
    • In EN these items would be called "linked Notes" of "Note" 79273
  • and so on...
If you double-click on an item (i.e. on SHEET[69728]), the display is enlarged to show links to and from that item:


Now you can see the following:
  • GRAPH[72062], and TEXT[70060], GROUP[29273] and JOBDAT[117] are Backlinks of SHEET[69728]
  • SHEET[69728] itself has many linked Notes...
I can imaging the following functionality of this link view in EN
  • The link view should be a separate Window of EN's main window frame
  • You can Drag&Drop items around and/or delete specific links and boxes to enhance your display until it fits to your needs to find relationships (circles, important paths, ...).
  • Colouring of the items might be given by notebook affiliation or tag assignments.
  • Text above the boxes should show note titles
  • Text inside the boxes might show note properties like dates, open tasks, ...
  • Order of the links on the right should follow the link positions within the note text
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