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Every single time I try to get help I get in an infinite loop of "log in" and "oops, unexpected error"



What the heck, evernote?  It really seems like the way to reduce the number of bugs is preventing them from being logged in the first place.


I've been trying for weeks now and I just keep getting this when I try to log a bug. This is even the issue! Merging notes keeps failing.  Why am I paying 3X for this horrible service?!?!?! No phone support, no email support. It's AWFUL.  At least the old evernote team would reply to your emails.  THIS IS TERRIBLE. 


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Thanks for trying but literally every path I've taken leads to "ooops". (I got this instantly) It has been very frustrating. I've logged out, cleared my cache, changed my password. nothing works.  and the fact that a sysadmin or senior developer isn't checking for "oopsies" in an error log is very discouraging.  And signing in again just leads to an infinite loop.  



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thanks for the tip - I did that and it still failed. this problem happens on my browser version, IOS for iPhone, and macOS versions and browser cache and cookies are localized to the device(s), I suspect this is an account related bug. 

the irony of the fact that I cannot create an actual support ticket is not lost on me.  sadly, I have seriously consider my long term use of a product I've been using and loyal to for 13 years.  Ok, /end whine. 

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