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Need AI to Automatically File Notes into Notebooks and/or Tags



While some might benefit from echoing every other generative AI's ability to summarize, and while Ai-powered search might some day be good, what would really benefit people who use Evernote as a second brain app is an AI that can take web clips, scans, tasks, events, and new notes, and automatically file them into notebooks and/or tags where similar content already exists.

I personally have to spend quite a bit of time every week sorting and moving my _INBOX notebook content to the PARA Method folders where the clipped or mobile-created notes belong. (Note that even that is much faster and less intrusive than trying to file while using the Web Clipper.) What would save me significant time is an AI that filed content for me.

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On 6/7/2024 at 12:35 AM, Jon/t said:

How would the Ai know what tags or notebooks to apply?

By comparing the current note content to the contents of previously organized notes, and/or by watching user actions within Evernote and learning from them. That's what artificial intelligence is about, though only the content generation part of it is being promoted thus far.

Thanks for the link to your article. It led me to "How emailing content into Evernote helps me automate my life," reminding me of that feature and presenting a possible alternative to Evernote's broken watched folder function.

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