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How can I move notebooks to iCloud to free storage space

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Evernote is taking up almost 14 gigs of my hard drive storage.

1. Can I move some notebooks I don't access on a regular basis to iCloud?       OR

2. Can I delete the desktop app and use the web-based program instead? Assuming, of course, the web app doesn't store a large amount of data on my hard drive.

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You can use option 1, but only by exporting the notebooks to whatever app or as HTML, and erase the notebook in EN.

If using option 2 you need to really purge the desktop install by using Revo Uninstaller (PC) or AppCleaner (Mac). By only uninstalling the app, the database remains on the drive.

Option 3 would be to move the whole EN database to another drive. The setting is in options. It is not recommended and can damage data to move to a removable drive or to a network drive.

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