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(Archived) Error: 0% TException HTTP request failed

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Today i got hte following error again.

Synchronisation Error

12:22 0% TException: HTTP request failed, Code: 404, error: Not Found

Last week i also had this error and after closing, EN3 and Firefox it worked again.

Now i only had to close EN3 and restart it.

Then the Sync worked again.

This happened to me on 2 different machines, with 2 different networks (1 Active Directory Windows domain and 1 home Workgroup network)

I hope you guys and girls of EN can find the problem and solve it for the future.

But at least there is a workaround for it (just restart EN) 8)

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I just got this one again.

Has anyone any idea what this error means?

Why can't it find the page? (i suppose it can't find some kind of page).

Now even closing and restarting EN3 brings no solution!

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Can't sync or access the web based version . . . seem to be a lot of 404's going around. Maybe some unannounced maintenance or update?

I have a lousy ISP who often drops my upload link just after removing the file being overwritten, which leaves the file absent . . . but I'm sure they're not using such a shoddy isp :)

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Tom - I have no idea what a temporary network error has to do with the security of your data. When our service is unavailable, no one can get at your notes (including you, unfortunately).

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Please Dengberg!!!

If i have my data on my desktop (and correctly backuped as teached), no fear at all for my database...

Don't fool people with your simple and misleading answers. What kind of "temporary network error" error are we speaking about? There are lots of errors that can make lots of damage. And, obviously, lots of errors that are absolutely recoverable...."service unavailable" is one thing, but the WHY it is unavailable is another. (Have you heard about server crashes, ingeneering sabotage (yes, sometimes guys you kick out come back angry!)technological attacks, terrorism, robery, student's stupidity, mean hackers from your neighbor's company and keep counting?)

You know I will never be a fan of a Web based database. Lots of us are feeling the same way as I do. That is why we are still betatesting your EN3, because it gives the possibility of having it "with us". Otherwise I'd be out.

My scheme of work , if any on the web, would be just to collect some info in a small work database, than get it down on my desktop and copy paste (or whateverother possibility) to my normal and personal "for real" database. I will never have my life, or picture, or family or whatever personal on the web.... the web has enough of my data already!

And if i need to share something, or transmit something, etc.... it will be with a very small amount of data, in several pieces, encrypted by "us", etc... This is not Web paranoia, it is plain common sense and good security measures. If the world goes crazy about "hey, everything on the web", that is the world's problem. I am not into that. I am into serious information processing. I might be in the Philosophy field now, but I am still into the world of "Informatica"... try to remember what that means.

But be cool with that, as they say, I won't use Google, or others either.... I am the responsible for my work (from paper to computer, since I started to work on the good Apple IIe)...learned quite a lot!

Now, let us come back to serious business...when will Beta 3 be supposed to work properly, at its minimum (for the moment). Two months have passed, there is nothing left to betatest, you have a lazy product, we would love to get our hands on something worht a 10th of EN2.2.1 and obviously far superior to what you have so proudly shown to the world.

I never, not once, received an answer to my findings, and that is why I am now on this forum, complaining about your Beta and complaining about your total absence regarding the WORK we do on your system. (By absence I mean I do not take in account the nice and comforting answers we are now receiving from time to time. If there is nothing precise, it does not count, period)

When, Dengberg, when??? (And please be honest and don't make anymore vague promises)

Or at least, give us a list of things that are effectively coming with the new release...but when?

As you say in USA: Nothing personal....


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I still don't understand what you're saying here. The server with your data was down ... i.e. it was not responding at all on one of its network interfaces. There was no way for anyone to communicate with this server in any way at all. This was not an attack (or "terrorism", etc.), it was just a problem with part of the networking configuration on that box. (If you really want to know: Linux Heartbeat was misconfigured to drop the virtual IP address when it received a timeout from MySQL on that box. No terrorism involved.)

This is obviously a problem that we want to address, but it has absolutely nothing to do with security. If your bank is closed in the middle of the day, you can't withdraw your money, but neither can anyone else.

Tom - you obviously have a lot of negative feelings about the current Evernote beta. Your tone has become unconstructive and hostile. Again, you may wish to skip the beta and just stick with Evernote 2.2.1 if you are finding this beta test to be too unpleasant.


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Dear, oh dear Dengberg.....

Am I hostile? Definitively not. Am I feeling bad, disapointed, with lack of trust and/or of hope? Certainly. And it might lead to a certain tone, which I regret but I cannot avoid for the moment.

I wish to get a new Beta to get my hands on...as promised. I wish to see that all the problems that exist with Beta 3 are going away, fading in the past. I wish to see that the promises are kept, and that EN3 is going to be THE best on the market. This is not hostiliy, it is impatience.

I won't comment about the server problem, people can read and make their own opinions. I am glad the problem was fixed. The closed bank is not, halas, a good metaphor but I'll leave it there.

I have negative feelings about this Beta 3? Yes at the power of 100....

I hate to see your movie with a Mac showing Leopard working better than Windows, fast, beautiful. But what I hate most is to see what you are doing to EN during the movie. Shots of bottles, recipes, labels and so on....nothing serious (but impressive to the eye, good publicity). And I hat to see a loooong flat list of tags, where I can clearly understand that hierarchy is simply not there (will it be?).

That is not the EN I am waiting for. There are lots of programs that organize better the web data and our notes to be found, even Mozilla add-ons that work pretty well. They won't read labels, but they are accesible to the web and they do show some intelligent data and/or behavior. Some have the same (funny) pitfalls as EN 3 (the any/all search, might have been copied by you competitors, or viceversa). Some are quite powerful. And I hate to see that with the Beta as it stands, people will migrate to those systems.

We all loose (unless some money has been made by EN3 already through agreements, contracts etc...). We loose the best notetaking, web taking, organizer, original program. You loose at the long run. Nobody can seriously use EN3 in a work environment or in work related tasks.

Tag hierarchy... your main and best idea is gone (and original as it is not to be confounded with tree organisation PLUS use of tags as in most lame systems... your tag hierarchy IS fantastic and revolutionary (but gone..how could you?).

Saved search won't work from one platform to another unless you know the inner syntax (todo:true versus to-do:finished versus unusable saved search). And your AIR, ANR is not working as you show in your demo... I have notes where the mistakes are less laughable as with En 2.2.1 but still...

LINKS are not kept.... (that is quite a flaw, but again, noone seem to bother)

Only these three reasons are making EN3 unsuitable for job use. (whatever job you are in)

Settings are not kept...

etc.... look at my posts where I detailed some of my findings (never an answer to them, not even a "we will look at it" (maybe one or two in three months).

Your main friends (or power users as you call them) are absent from the forum now. They may be waiting, beeing more patient than myself, or gone to another system. Or just using EN 2.2.1 and happy (as I am). The forum is going slower... isn't that visible? Doesn't it ring a bell in EN's quarters?

So I am the bad guy who is shouting aloud: HEY, where is the new Beta? Because I tasted 2.2.1 and wish to see 3 as BETTER (which is normal)

I am not a betatester of EN3 for the moment...as I told you, everything has been said... so I need to get the new Beta to test again (and help you guys, by the way).

Sticking to EN 2.2.1 is not a solution as you know its limitations (we can work around that tho). And some more things are still waiting for that version as well. (I know that won't happen but I still believe in Christmas)

You cannot get aplauses for a bad show. And we are part of that show because we believe(d) in you. So we have some feelings about what is going on. And all what I am saying is not to be taken as "unconstructive". Showing what is not working and can be corrected is not unconstructive (it might be a pain in the buttocks, yes, but that is another problem). Showing our hope which have been fed by you in the first place is not a bad thing.

It has been unpleasant to test this beta, no doubt about that. Everything is a mess and it is not usable. (Unless for people who need.... errrr...not sure!!!)

It might get very amusing testing the new Beta.... who knows? And very promising... but then again we have a problem: you never answer.

I said in my post (and it is the only really important thing of the whole post):

When, Dengberg, when??? (And please be honest and don't make anymore vague promises)

Or at least, give us a list of things that are effectively coming with the new release...but when?

Look at your answer... all about the web and the nicely put "stick with En 2.2.1"

Same as said, same as before.

We want (desire, hope, wish, deserve (maybe)) a new BETA... to betatest and hopefully congratulate you.... so what are you waiting for? We just need an answer to my quote... can you?

With my (sincere, no doubt please) best wishes


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This forum is for Evernote 3 users to discuss ideas and problems in a constructive way.

Re-posting the same grievances on multiple unrelated threads is forum spam. This does not help other Evernote 3 users discuss their issues and resolve their problems, and may require moderation.


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