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(Archived) How to import emails into Evernote?



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Hi Des,

Ahhh -- the joys of beta stuff, right?

I've been trying to work around that issue for a little bit now and haven't found a solution that I like so far. If I can't find an elegant way to fix this, I'm going to fork the script into "MailTags/Non-MailTags Versions" soon.

Hang in there and check back soon for an update... or watch my Twitter and you'll see an announcement of some kind. If you like, you can download a trial version of MailTags which will resolve this pop-up in the meantime.

Kind Regards,


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I almost always print emails to Evernote as a PDF. This results in a much cleaner looking document than a forwarded email IMHO.


I like that idea. But since one of my main uses for EN is archiving emails, I really don't want to have to print them all out. :shock: Instead, on my email server, I have filters set up to automatically forward emails from work & a hobbyist website I maintain to Evernote. Others (from friends & family) I end up doing manually. PITA but I haven't figured out a better way that excludes spam/coupons. Plus, doing some manually gives me some flexibility, for those times when I'm close to maxxing out my monthly upload limit. (Which, ironically, I almost never did until they doubled it last month. Guess I just keep finding more & more things to drop into Evernote.)

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I like that idea. But since one of my main uses for EN is archiving emails, I really don't want to have to print them all out.

You obviously have a system that works for you, but with 40,000+ emails, I find Mail Steward Lite works very well for me. I keep my Mail Steward database on my Drobo S so it takes no space on my internal HD. Also, I would think incorporating that number of emails into Evernote would slow performance to a crawl.

I very rarely have a need to save a copy of an email to Evernote.


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I've downloaded and tried Veritrope's beta script. I ran it initially from the AppleScript editor and it popped up a dialog looking for the application providing MailTagsScriptingSupport. I've Googled to find out more about this, but couldn't find anything that actually explained what it is.

Is it an add-on of some sort to OS X? If so, is it required for the script?



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