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Google Drive link widgets contributing to CPU spike

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At some point while on Evernote 10.86.x (I can't remember what I was on—I've already upgraded to 10.89.2), I noticed my MacBook overheating. I saw using `htop` that it was Evernote fluctuating between 30 and 90 % CPU.

  1. I had around 10 notes open, but only 1 long, so I closed that one. No improvement.
  2. Seeing "performance improvements" in the release notes, I tried upgrading to Evernote 10.89.2. No improvement.
  3. I thought it might be the summer heat—I think I've seen applications do worse with an overheated CPU. So I shut down, took off the back panel, and cleaned the fans and interior of dust. No improvement.
  4. I started closing notes 1 at a time. It turned out to be a specific note that had ~10 Google Drive links in them. They all had this "in progress" animation.

  5. When I close or even minimize that note, the CPU drops to below 2% (with the occasional 10% when it's doing something).

I created a new note with 4 such links and took a screen capture video showing `htop` side-by-side.

I wish I could disable those widgets altogether. This option didn't do it for me—links continue to convert into these widgets:



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I'm also experiencing this "in progress animation" with google drive connection. But in android (occasionally also in Windows).

I opened a ticket about 4 months ago, but still haven't got any real response from Evernotes socalled "support".

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