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Refinements for collapsible headers



I LOVE the collapsable headers and nested bullet points. There are a few tweaks I would suggest, as I am assuming it should work one way, but it's not doing that when I actually try. Things shouldu work the way you expect them to, I think, so you don't even realize it's a design decision. Here are my suggestions for refinements:

1) the collapsable sections should be drag and drop-able. Currently that's not an option.

2) ability to copy-paste or cut-paste a collapsed header, and get all the stuff collapsed within it. Currently it just gives me the header text.

3) when I'm at the end of a header, and I press enter, it un-collapses the header and takes me to the top line above all the other text. That is unintuitive. What I keep wanting it to do is just make an empty line beneath the header, without collapsing it, where I can continue writing. I know that doesn't make sense technically, but it is exactly what my brain expects and what I want to happen, for optimum functionality. Think of how your bullet points work: if you have a bullet point with a bunch of nested bullet points beneath it that are collapsed, and you press enter, it creates another bullet point, of the same level, right below the first one. It doesn't open up the nested list, it doesn't auto-create a sub-bullet point at the top of the nested list.

That's how headers should behave as well, or something similar. Auto input a line break maybe, and then a normal line of text? or even another header of the same level as above, would be ok, and mirror how collapsable bullet points work, which is very intuitive.

Currently, if I want to create something beneath a header with nested items, and there is nothing after that header, I need to uncollapse the header, scroll down to the bottom (which could be quite long), insert a line break or new header, and then start writing. That's a bunch of steps and a bunch of scrolling and the only way to do that.

If I wanted to uncollapse the header and start writing at the top of the uncollapsed list (and who wants to do that anyways, more likely they want to start writing at the bottom, if at all) I can just click to uncollapse it and start writing. I don't need that to also be tied to the enter button.

Even if you won't do that, at least create a shortcut or something that will let me do that.


Thanks and keep up the great work. Bending spoons is the best thing that's happened to Evernote in a while, you're really doing so much good stuff with it, I'm super grateful to you all!

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