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unable to start Evernote after auto-update

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This is the second computer where issue is encountered.  After Evernote auto-updates, starting Evernote is unsuccessful.  Seen on screen is:

- Installing please wait in popup

- Popup “Evernote cannot be closed.  Please close it manually and click Retry to continue”.  Clicking Retry button brings up popup again.  

- If clicking Cancel button, see “Failed to uninstall old application files.  Please try running the installer again.: 2” (screenshot attached).

I have administrator privileges when installing and launching Evernote.  Issue had been encountered early this year, older laptop had been wiped by my IT department and O/S reinstalled, and then issue resurfaced after Evernote updated.  I then received a new laptop for unrelated issue and see the same issue.

- I am unable to get activity logs, as I am unable to start Evernote on Windows O/S (Windows 10 Enterprise)

- I had previously installed Revo Uninstaller on older laptop, and removed all files.  Evernote started after reinstall, but after another update encountered same issue.  I am reluctant to use this workaround again because of this.

- Note Evernote crashes on launch.

I have an Evernote personal subscription ($60/year), and raised a ticket 5 days ago.  I have received two generic suggestions which were auto-sent and did not take any of the details already sent into account, and an even more generic third reassurance that my issue has been forwarded to the development team and prioritized.  Since I'm not expecting a response from Evernote Support anytime soon, checking if this is a known issue and there are any possible workarounds other than using Revo Uninstaller?  I'm not really using Evernote with only web access, so am finding it hard to justify paying for a subscription.


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This is my standard response to most issues - 

To fix occasional errors with installs or updates on laptops or desktops - plus issues with speed or lag or corrupted data.

  1. Empty the Trash notebook and Sync notes up to date (check completion via the web client or another device)
  2. Exit Evernote (if you can) / delete data from device
  3. Uninstall app with Appcleaner (Mac) or Revo Uninstaller Free (Win)
  4. Power device off / allow 10 seconds / power back on
  5. Download latest Evernote from Evernote.com 
  6. Reinstall. It will take a little while for the app to be fully up to speed.

If that hasn't fixed anything,  check your local housekeeping - how much free storage space?  What other processes are active?  Do you have good network speed?

I've not known Revo to cause additional issues...

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Many thanks, I am able to use Evernote again after uninstalling with Revo Uninstall.  I do think it likely that the next Evernote update will reproduce the same issue, and repeatedly using 3rd party software to uninstall application files and the registry is concerning.  Will submit a new forum post if needed.

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Noting I will again have to uninstall with Revo Uninstall and reinstall Evernote, I assume another auto-update was pushed out.  Not happy, but there is no meaningful response from Evernote Support so not raising a new ticket.

2024-05-28 08_50_26-Evernote Setup.png

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