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I found the import in the settings today, which I never knew was there and it's a great feature. It is not working very well for Word documents for me, however. If I am browsing for a file and double-click on one,  most applications will normally select it and choose it, but it doesn't work in Evernote. It moves the focus away from the file explorer to Evernote like the file was chosen, but after a couple of seconds, it goes back to the file explorer and wants me to select the file to upload. I have to select the file and click enter to get Evernote to process the file I want. Even then, some files won't import. They will appear in Evernote as imported, but after several seconds they disappear from the notes.

I used to copy and paste Word documents into Evernote as my method but it stopped working. The images no longer get brought into Evernote. This is how I found the new import feature. It would be great if we could get Evernote again to bring those images into the notes from a copy/paste of a Word document.

It's annoying too that imported files will only go into the default notebook, as far as I can tell. I tried importing some Word documents while in the notebook I wanted them to end up in and they still came through into the default notebook. Some choices are needed here.

So then I thought maybe the sync feature would now import Word documents and not as an attachment, but that was not the case. I'd like to have that as an option for each sync folder. 

Hope the feedback is helpful.

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