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Evernote "Free" Trial of AI Search - FAIL !

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So far I am NOT IMPRESSED by the trial AI Search function.

But maybe I'm expecting too much.

I use EN Personal and have about 7600 notes on my Windows 10 laptop using the Windows app, latest version.  The standard search function of this subscription does NOT support Boolean searches.

For example:  when I'm using the trial AI Search and ask "Find notes with the words Angry and Sky"  it will find ALL notes with Angry and ALL notes with Sky giving dozens of results.  It does not filter them down to the THREE notes that have the words Angry AND Sky in them. This has been the case across several versions for a few months.

I would have thought the AI search would support this "AND" parameter per a boolean type search.

Do I need to get the Professional subscription for such logic parameters to be enabled?  Or is there a formatting error in how I instruct to the AI to search?  (but I thought that was the advantage of AI as it could guess what you really meant to say)





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1 hour ago, gazumped said:

Hi.  There's more on AI search in Evernote's help pages.  We're mainly other users here.  https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/20406371441939-AI-Powered-Search-Overview

I read it.  Nothing there that is helpful.

Notably, searching for "boolean" on that page finds no instances of the word in the page.

Hence, i can only conclude that as it is configured today, AI Search is useless for searches where you want to bring up results for "if this is in the note and that is in the note, show me these notes" type searches.

So, do I need to upgrade to the Professional subscription in order to get an AI Search that is truly functional?


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4 hours ago, Carl-L-ND said:

So, do I need to upgrade to the Professional subscription in order to get an AI Search that is truly functional

No, the trial in Personal is fully featured and functional so that you can decide whether it is what you need. If it doesn't work for you then you don't need to waste cash upgrading.

The standard search using Boolean logic may be what you need as @Jon/t pointed to for you.

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Interesting!  I had not tried a Boolean search in Standard search for several months as I simply accepted it was not part of my subscription.  Every once in while, usually after an update, I would test the AI search hoping that would work.

I just tried it now and a simple Boolean search in either Standard or AI mode works.  i.e.  "Angry and Sky" finds the handful of notes rather than several dozen.

It is when I get wordy in the AI Search that it fails.

Boolean in a Standard search is very useful.  A huge time saver for me.

Thanks for pointing me to the Blog post.  First I've seen of it in a long time.


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