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Loop when using Evernote while in a videocall

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I usually take notes in Evernote while I am in a videocall in Zoom, Teams or Meet. Since several weeks ago, when I use Evernote while a videocalla, the green circle appears when trying to open a note in Evernote and stays there. Every 15-20 seconds offers to continue waiting or restart Evernote. Only when I end the videocall Evernote works again. It's really frustrating. 

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Thats an odd one. I've had a Teams and Zoom call this morning and Evernote was OK.

Maybe an out of RAM issue? Try doing a reinstall of Evernote and seeing how it goes.

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Hi Jon,

I have reinstalled Evernote so many times in the last week because of start problems that is like having a new installation.

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It's strange. I have only one PC running at the same time on a 100 Mbits LAN and with a 1 GB optical fiber Internet access. I don't believe I need more bandwidth for a Zoom meeting with one person and run Evernote at the same time.

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It looks like more that or Evernote or the videocall demand to much resources from the CPU, because the image and sound of Zoom (or Teams or Meet) freezes while Evernote is open.

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