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(Archived) ini file stored at drive root

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Using EN3 (28915) on Vista Ultimate:

Today I found a file named "Evernote.ini" in my drive root (D:\Evernote.ini).

After some testing, I found that this file is written every time I change something in Account->Properties->File Auto-Import (I assume the file gets written on other setting changes too).

That file does not belong there!

Please store setting files (and others too, like the database files) only in %appdata%\EverNote3 - that's where it belongs and nowhere else!

Storing a file in a drive root is the worst of all locations: I know some companies which prevent normal users from having write access there, so storing the file there won't work in those companies. Also, that location does not roam, that's why you should use %appdata% (that folder gets roamed).

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