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(Archived) "And" always highlighted on Android client


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Judging from the lack of discussion about this, it must be an unusual problem. On my Evernote for Android, in every text-based note, the word "and" -- and every word that contains that substring -- is highlighted. The second instance in the note is highlighted with a solid green rectangle, and every other instance is highlighted with a green outline. This wouldn't be a problem except that when I try to scroll around in long notes, the solid-green highlighted instance always springs to the top of the view, making it impossible to scroll anywhere else in the note. I've looked everywhere to try to find a way to turn off the functionality, but found nothing.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Is there a purpose for it? Has anyone successfully eliminated the function?

I'm using an LG Ally.

Thank you.

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This issue is already fixed in the Android 3.0 Alpha release.

Pls try that and let us know if it is fixed in your phone.

Some phone web browsers behave erratically and highlight unwanted text.

Thank you for bringing this issue to our knowledge.


Android Developer

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