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Can't login - all devices



 I cannot log into the application - on the computer, browser (I tried: Vivaldi, Egde, Firefox...), as well as tablet and phone (both are android).

When I try to log in through the browser, the following message appears: 

Interestingly, the error code is different each time.
Both methods of logging in - via email and using a Google account - do not work for me. I tried to generate a request for a new password - but such an email did not reach me either.

Please help, because the problem is apparently not hardware, and I lost access to the software a week after renewing my subscription.

Zrzut ekranu 2024-05-12 095029.png

Zrzut ekranu 2024-05-12 095006.png

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You are facing login issues across devices and browsers with different error codes appearing each time. Attempts to log in via email or google account have failed and password reset emails aren't reaching you. Start by checking network connectivity, clearing browser cache and verifying your email inbox for ADP Vantage HCM password reset messages. Ensure your account is active and try using the latest app version. If problems persist contact the application's support team for further assistance providing details about the errors encountered for accurate troubleshooting.

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