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I've been using evernote for 14 years

I was very happily and consistently using a 3-column view: sidebar in the left column for high level switching; list of notes in the middle column (side list view) for viewing select notes [eg a notebook or search result]; note text on the right.

Since v 10.0, whenever clicking on a note title shortcut in the side bar or clicking on a search result note title, the 2nd column (list of notes) disappears. The note text window expands and the middle column vanishes. That destroys whatever ordered/searched list of notes one has in the middle - one has to start from scratch to recreate it.

Please fix this bug so that clicking on a note shortcut in sidebar or a search result does *not* destroy the middle column. 

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On 5/11/2024 at 8:52 PM, sssbbb1231231 said:

... whenever clicking on a note title shortcut  ... the (list of notes) disappears. ...

Yep - annoying "feature" - also true in many other cases when EN has to display a note in its own window but uses the main windows and thereby overwriting a formerly generated note list... It has been mentioned many times since EN10 was introduced.

Maybe you can help to get more priority on this by submitting a support ticket. But don't be too optimistic. Over the last months, EN seems to work more on new features than fixing these many bugs 😞


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