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so this started on my phone where i got logged out for some reason and when i tried to log back in nothing would happen, i would press the button and nothing changes, not a wrong password text, no error message, and the screen was not frozen because i could still edit the text. so since my phone was not working i tried to use my computer. they made me change my password- fine as long as i can get in, but when i got in a message that says the privacy policy has changed popped up, and when i accept it i get logged out. this has happened 4 times now. what is going on? and does anyone know where i can email the team directly because i am very confused and worried all my notes are gone

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Hi.  Your notes are safe,  just - apparently - not available to you at the moment.  There's some help below on passwords and access to accounts as a free user...



EDIT:  Also please don't post more than once on any topic - I deleted your other post on this.

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