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Evernote consistently uninstalls itself from my system.

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I'm 100% at a loss here. Every 2 weeks (or so, but VERY regularly), Evernote decides to go on vacation and uninstalls itself from my system. This has been an issue since they raised the price (correlation, not causation obviously, but that's when it started happening). All system stuff was the same before and after, but after last September it's been a constant headache. It doesn't do it on my phone and it's the ONLY program that does this on my current system (windows 11, x64 yada yada). 

I'm VERY frustrated and will look for other options if I can't figure this out. 


Thanks in advance. 

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Hi.  Clearly not expected behaviour - and not a common thing either.  It is is anything to do with Evernote you should be able to fix it by a Revo uninstall / power off and back on / reinstall with a fresh download from Evernote.com.  If the situation continues I'd suspect you security software of being over zealous...

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