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Evernote Re-installs the same version over and over again

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Every time, I open Evernote after re-booting my PC, it wants to re-install a "new" version.  The problem is that the new version is already installed and it ends up installing the same version over and over again.  For example, today Evernote re-installed version 10.86.8 three times.  How do I stop Evernote from wasting my time by re-installing a version of the software that is already installed?  Thank you. 

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This has been an occasionally reported issue. The normal solution is to uninstall using Revo Uninstaller to ensure a complete clear out of corrupted program files. Then download the latest installer from evernote.com

Reinstall using the new installer. Login. Your notes and notebooks will be restored while Evernote is running.

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