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(Archived) Backing Local Notebooks, Syncing synchronized



I've search and searched for this topic. If it's elsewhere, I'm sorry, but I did look.

I have decided Evernote is THE way I want to store my long term data. That said, some of it is sensitive and I don't want it synced over the internet. No problem, that's what local notebooks are for. But just because I don't want the data on the cloud, does not mean I don't want it backed up. So, my question: Backing up stuff that will sync anyway is pointless, but from my novices look at the data files, all the stuff is stored together in one big lump. Is there a way to separate the local from the network (two folders) so that I might back up only the local notebooks?

No, I don't use Time Machine, this is a laptop. I backup to a mini and I have THAT one running time machine.


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I'm guessing there is no way to separate local from Synced notebooks directly from the finder. Not really a big deal, I'll just back the synced data too, but it's something to think about in future updates. Thanks anyway.

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No, the data is all merged together into a single place for rapid searching and filtering in our client. You could use some sort of encrypted backup service to back up that part of your hard drive remotely, but you'd always back up all of your files at once.

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Thanks Dave. Not a biggie, just wanted to set it up as best as possible the first time so I don't have to think about it in the future. This will work fine. Still using Evernote for damn near everything!

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