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Kanban view for Tasks



I love that Tasks finally has a fully view along with the various shortcuts to different views. I would imagine that this would be need to align with the feature of adding Tags to a TODO, but I'd love if I could get a Kanban view in the future. (Like Trello, Jira, or MSFT Tasks). I have built my own in the past using tables with checklists inside the cells but the ability to use Tasks with reminders / due dates etc would be the next level for me. I don't know how complicated this would be but a short term solution could be if I could put a Task inside of a table but I would imagine the formatting would need to change quite a bit. 

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Kanban list would be great for me. I hadn't intended on using tasks much, but recent changes in Evernote has made my basic checkboxes in numbered lists only function if I can find an old note to copy a checkbox from. (Or I just can't find it in the new version, nor use the old keyboard shortcut for this. 

Although arranging tasks in a numbered/outline list worked for me, a Kanban board would be great. 

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