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Hyperlink text in Tasks



Currently, while it's possible to paste hyperlinks directly into Tasks in Evernote, these links are displayed in their full length, which can be cumbersome, especially when dealing with lengthy URLs such as those from SharePoint. This results in a cluttered and less efficient tasks list.

In Evernote Notes, users have the ability to hyperlink a short piece of text (e.g., "click here") to a longer URL, which both simplifies the appearance of notes and improves readability. Extending this functionality to Tasks would significantly enhance usability. For example, a task could simply say, "Review this document," with "this document" linked to the necessary URL, thereby maintaining a clean and concise task list.

Adding this feature would align the functionality of Tasks with that of Notes, providing a consistent and streamlined user experience across the platform. It would also help users manage and interact with their tasks more effectively, particularly when working with external documents and resources.

Thank you for considering this enhancement.

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