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What is the URL in the Note Info Window used for?

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What is the URL — in the screenshot below, it's blank and says Set a URL..— used for? I can get the internal URL to the note by using the shortcut Ctrl+ALT+L. So what's this? Maybe a link to a web page the note may be refering to?


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9 minutes ago, S_Hillam said:

Maybe a link to a web page the note may be refering to?

Yes, can be used for such a use case, for example. If you set a URL it will be displayed in the note on top next to the task counter.

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A note created, for example, by the web clipper will have the URL field filled with the source of the clip.


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You can also search directly for the contents of this field using an undocumented piece of advanced search syntax - sourceurl: So to find all the notes that I have clipped from the bbc website:


Unfortunately you do need to put in the https:// at the beginning as, in EN, wild card characters do not work at the beginning of a string. The asterix at the end finds all urls that begin with https://www.bbc.co.uk


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