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Evernote Cloud Servers very very slow.




I am writing an integration for Evernote that requires me to create notes containing PNG files.

Up until 2 days ago notes created with PNG images were created instantly. Now, I can past the image into a note and 80% it never makes it to the server, or for the remaining 20% of the time, it takes 30 mins or so to appear.

This happens on every version of Evernote I have: web, Android, MacOS.

If I email a file with an image into my Evernote mailbox it's not as slow. Takes a few minutes to appear which is kind of normal. I have tried on different wifi networks etc. It's definitely Evernote cloud servers that have the issue.

Anyone else seeing this?


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No. Content added in one client appears within seconds in another. If I edit inside of an existing note, it is instantaneous.I see the edits made in one client in another while it happens.

The only delay I had was the updating of the search index from one client to another. I think that’s a specific problem, the tag show in the note, but the note isn’t found in search. But beside this no issues.

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