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evernote Your session is being closed securely, please wait.. I get the error. I cannot access it from any platform except my mobile device.

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11 horas atrás, gazumped disse:

Hi.  Please see similar post here...  


I am having the same problem on Chrome, more than 24 hours with this problem. Is automatic after i log in, i don't ever have time to enter in a note.

Edit: I remove all chrome extensions and nothing. Try Edge, and the same problem.

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Hmmn.  Several posts on this theme.  Edge and Chrome both use the same browser engine.  I'd suggest you feed this back to Evernote or contact Support direct (and wait...) - It seems to be a general issue which I hope they're working on... 

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Im getting this issue also

both on Chrome and Safari

I have cleared all cookied, launched in incognito mode also and still the same

my account is very very old, probably like 10+years 

ive not logged into it for sometime 

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HOW the effing hell are we able to renew our subscription if we keep getting kicked out?!?!?! 
And no app won't work cause you have to login to the app. 

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Can‘t tell in your case, because you tell little else. 90% (at least) of all login issues are related to the computer used, or the network. Security software, firewalls, child protection, DNS filters, whatever.

The rest may be a problem with the ISP and his DNS resolver. 

Lately I thought, I always shell out clever advise, and now I couldn’t connect myself. After some swearing (this always helps, you know). I found that one of my Pi-Holes blocking lists had updated itself from the source, and somebody decided Evernote.com ist not good for him (and anybody else), so he blacklisted it. I knew where to look, so it was whitelisted again 30 seconds later.

But anybody else on the home network would have had no chance to find this issue - and maybe write a forum post about how he can’t log in.

The usual advise applies: Try another network (personal hotspot, public WiFi), try another browser (often Firefox is a good backup, because it runs on it‘s own web engine), try another device.

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Getting the same problem. Log in and directly being logged out "safely". I logged in because I got an email from evernote (verified the domain) saying there was a new login. Changed password and when I log in I get the prompt about using too many devices. But I dont get the chance to remove devices, even though prompt says it, because - being logged out.

Happens on both mobile device through Chrome and Samsung native browser through mobile data and when using my work laptop via work wifi on both Chrome and Explorer. Where else should I look for the problem?

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Have you talked to your IT people?  Possibly they are blocking Evernote for security reasons.  That could explain your laptop.  I don't know that it explains your mobile devices, unless they too are company devices.  Also, have you tried incognito mode on your mobile device on someone else's WiFi?  Maybe a coffee shop?


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