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Normally, i type something into a note, especially memos for my YouTube team, and then export to PDF, so i can share it with them. 

new update came out

now, i click export to pdf, it doesn't generate a preview anymore. If i hit continue, it just sits at Exporting 1 Note to PDF Converting #1 of 1 Lists (0%). ZI can leave this for 10 hours, will not change. i've rebooted PC, checked for other updates., started a new note and just wrote a few lines and tried to export it, same thing.

i think its cuz you guys are trying to hard to push the premium function that youve created errors and disabled things, if thats the case, i'm switching to a new program. Otherwise this is a strange glitch to suddenly happen.



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Hi.  Please don't post  twice on the same topic.  Your 'other' thread includes the answer that there's a new update out to fix the PDF issue.

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