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2 hours ago, Ralph WF said:

When a task is accessed in the calendar, Evernote moves the task from that note to the default task note.

All tasks are visible in the 'tasks' tab,  whether assigned to the default note or not.  If you click on the task you should see a link to the parent note.

Tasks Overview

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The problem is, when I access the task in the calendar, Evernote takes the task out of the correct note and puts it in the default task note. This means that the assignment to the correct note is lost

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Hmmn.  I just updated to 10.86.5 and got the full-width tasks window.  I set up a task for the 8th May in a test note.  Unless I'm doing something wrong here I don't see that task at all in my calendar,  though I have selected both Events and Tasks in the left column.  The task is visible in the Tasks window on the correct date,  and I can't find any relevant settings to change...  Going to play a little more,  but the calendar / tasks function does seem - a little broken.  

I'd suggest you (and anyone else trying this) feeds the situation back to Evernote via feedback@evernote.com or Support - https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us

EDIT:  Created a new task in the Calendar - still shows in Tasks,  but not Calendar.  Checked web version - same situation.  Contacted Evernote with Forum link.

See also 


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I just received 10.86.5 and tasks now show in the calendar.

But if you check off a task in the calendar it disappears as expected from the calendar, but still shows as due in the task view 🤨.  Maybe it will catch up in time.

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36 minutes ago, s2sailor said:

But if you check off a task in the calendar it disappears as expected from the calendar, but still shows as due in the task view 🤨.  Maybe it will catch up in time.

Working as expected on mine 10.86.5.

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I think this may have already been mentioned but the tasks I set up on a specific note as below


Show as just in the default task note when I access via the calendar and EN seems to have moved the task:


Assume a fix for this may roll out?

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Having finally been given access to the full screen task page in Mac EN the system now almost fill all my needs- ESPECIALLY tasks being visible within the Evernote Calendar.

Maybe I am missing something or it is not yet available but accessing EN in IOS and looking at calendar tasks are NOT viewable within the calendar.

Are others experiencing the same behaviour within IOS app?

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I have now noticed another issue.  On both my web portal and the Window app, when I mark a task as done it disappears and then reappears minutes later.

I have to use my mobile to mark tasks as done and presently as this access/action overrides everything for tasks- certainly on my account

Note sync is fine on all - changes happen but tasks can only be changed/added from Mobile.  I have faulted this out to support.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

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