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Pretty straight forward idea. I would like to create a pre-filled notebook with the notes I need for a project. For example, I could create a new notebook and choose between my project types like, "Project Type A," "Project Type B" and each type would be pre-filled with a space for the various notes/documents I need for that type of project. 

I worked at a small law firm that deals with land use matters for our clients. We work in several different jurisdictions that each have their own set of requirements. So, what I would make would look something like this:

New Notebook --> New City of Atlanta Application --> Name Notebook --> Notebook is created pre-filled with the notes I will need to complete work on the matter for the life of the matter. 


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You can already do this: Create a notebook that contains what you need.

Export it as an ENEX file. Save the file.

Whenever you need a copy of that notebook: Import a copy of that ENEX-File. This will create a notebook with the content you need. Just rename it and start to use the notes it holds. If you need several different notebook templates, create several ENEX-files.

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