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Cant log a support ticket



Whatever I do I cant log a call the system is on a loop sending me back to Evernote and not to the call logging system. I select the tech support but then i am just looped back into my evernote and no support system to raise a ticket

Tried this on 2 machines and 2 browsers and its the same I cant setup a tech fault ticket

Does anyone else have this?

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Yes i know this is not the right place but as you can see I cant log a call and all emails bounce so not sure what else to do but at least you were kind enough to respons

I am using chrome on a mac book

so just using the browser from this link

https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us and selecting tech issues

I logged in as a guest into part of the system and did log a call so thanks for your help but very frustrating



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