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Search field not 'active'

Jesper Bilde


We are approx. 10 Evernote users in our Company. When we create a project normally all colleagues can find the project via the search field.

EXCEPT when one 'special' colleague creates the project. Then nothing comes up. Instead we have to find the project via 'Notes'. But it takes some time to scroll down all projects.

We can not figure out why, - and he creates the project the same way as the rest of us. Any chance you can guide us what to do? Thank you in advance for your kind assistance


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There are no special settings for special Teams users (except administrators 😉). So I think it's a syncing problem of the one colleague who creates the projects. Unfortunately there is no special sync button available in EN10, so he may try to exit the app (File -> Exit) after he created the new notebook (I think your "project" is a notebook?). This forces the EN10-app to sync all local changes to the server...

Other possibility: He may use the Web client to create the notebook. Web client activity is synced immediately whereas the app sometimes collects changes on its own... (my feeling).

If this works, it's only a workaround that proves my assumption. You should submit a support ticket (https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) to get EN staff to work on it. 

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