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Shift+Enter doesn't work in last versions on windows

Artem Fil


I'v found something that looks like a bug

Shift+Enter usually directs to the next line without spacing, i.e without creating new paragraph.
It works in any taxt editor ans used to work in evernote, until last month.

Moreover, if I use Shift+Enter in another editor and copypast to evernote, it works

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Yep - It's a bug for me... Space between text sections is OK (hasn't been enough in former versions) - but without {Shift-Enter} it's impossible to continue text on a next line (without additional space) within a text section.

Moreover I would like to get a possibility to show invisible text controlling characters like in other text editing programs

  • image.png.5da87c9b5b86fb349f47b2c69ffa1afe.png   for section separators          {Enter}
  • image.png.5d93a2c34f58f21185e36cdb5fd7cfa5.png   to show a simple newline    {Shift-Enter}
  • image.png.1cf3d53320181c41b7fa28a421782c2c.png   stand for a tabulator            {Tab}
  • image.png.9cf821f730bf5e1f194c997a5298e257.png   marks spaces                        {Space}
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