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Clip to Evernote for Chrome Frequently Fails on MacBook

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BLUF: Clip to Evernote fails more than it works, giving me the spinning Saving Your Clip notification instead of actually saving the content.

I run the most current Evernote app and Chrome browser on my fully updated MacBook Pro and need to save web content frequently. 

I understand that no software application can be perfect, but this feature fails more often than it works, which is particularly irksome given the recent price doubling for the product. 

Please let me know if you've found any solutions for this annoying and costly (in terms of time-wasting) failure. 

Thanks in advance. 

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I've been having issues with the web clipper recently as well. Suggest you open a support ticket as the more web clipper-related tickets they receive the more likely they are to prioritize investigating and fixing bugs.

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Good idea, Paul. 

I've had previous tickets about this issue but they've never resolved any of them even after I've jumped through hoops sending them logs, deleting and reinstalling Evernote, clearing cache, and a few other annoying processes, but it's worth trying to harass them and add my name to the list of users who are having the same issue. 

Good luck to us all! 

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