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Setting custom due dates for Tasks



The recent additions of task support are a great step into the right direction, but even for light project management there are still several features missing in the app. One of them being the setting of due dates for tasks:

I have a feature request for creating tasks with custom due dates. Currently when clicking on a task there are "quick setting options" for setting a deadline for "today" or "tomorrow". When clicking on the calendar icon, there are "quick setting options" for today, tomorrow, next monday or in 1 week.

I repeatedly have to create tasks with a due date in 12 weeks. This is very laborious and error-prone as I have to click through the months and either manually keep track of how many weeks have passed or calculate the due date manually and then click on it on the calendar view. The userinterface should make this taks easier. Examples of how this could be achieved:

* allow users to add custom due dates to the "quick setting options"
* allow the input of e.g. "12 w" for a du date in 12 weeks

Another option would be to implement Note-Templates with tasks with due dates that are set when a note is created from the template. The template could include multiple tasks like:
- TASK A: due in 2 weeks
- TASK B: due in 4 weeks
- TASK C : due in 10 weeks
Upon creation of a document, the due dates should be set accordingly.

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