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(Archived) Merge files smoothly: feature request

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I am a very enthusiastic user of evernote and i really like it. of course, i wanted some more features to make it highly effective. for example, i take a number of clips from a page; but all the clips are saved as different notes. Now i want to merge them together. though it happens, but the important notes are irritably interrupted by a big font heading of the same page and same web address again and again, making the whole process ineffective.

Is there any way that if we clip the same web-page address, the headings are not shown as in diigo. The other necessity may be a merge note option without the website connections and headings. However, i understand that when persons are taking notes from different web-pages, the link should be there for many. But personally i find it important the clips all come together to make a nice flow of reading. thanks a lot in advance in case somebody replies.

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