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Stop collapsing Notes scroll panel when a Shortcut is selected

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I work with the Notes panel (which shows the title and a short preview of each note) open at all times. Recently (not sure exactly when it started happening), whenever I click on one of the Shortcuts pinned to the left-most panel, the Notes panel collapses or disappears and I must re-select "Notes" (below the "recent notes" section) to bring it back. The correct behavior when selecting a note for which there is a pinned shortcut would be for the Notes panel to remain open and to move the "highlighted" or "active" note preview to the note that I followed a shortcut to.

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I hate this as well and it has been like this for as long as I can remember.  Open a support ticket or send feedback to feedback@evernote.com.  If enough of us complain maybe it will get changed.

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I completely agree. It is a weird view which has been in V10 since the very beginning.  One thing that might help is that  if you right click on the shortcut (Windows) you get the option to open in a new window which leaves the existing view unchanged. You can also open in a new window by double clicking but that gives you the "no notelist" version of the note as well. I assume you can do something similar on Mac.

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