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Can not removed a duplicated tag in app

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I found what looks like a duplicate tag in the app. When I right-click on it, it doesn't give me an option to delete it; it just adds it to shortcuts. The tag is deleted successfully in the web version but still shows in the app. Has anybody seen this before?  

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22 hours ago, OlgaRoma said:

Has anybody seen this before?  

Not that I'm aware - is this an exact duplicate?  No spelling or capitalization difference at all?  Have you tried restarting your device? 

...And what is your device?  You're posting in the iOS Legacy forum and that service was closed last month...

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It is possible that the tag is from a shared note. Tags from shared notes can carry the same name than tags in the own account.

The tag from the shared note can only be managed by the owner of that note.

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