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Password Error during login !! (Chrome web browser)

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Good morning, glad to connect with you

I know it might sound silly !! But I am facing issue with chrome browser while logging in...

At the very first time when I enter the password, it throws password error when logging in...

But when second time, I enter the password, it is getting logged in...

I am damn sure the password is correct, whether it is occurring for anyone else


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Thank you for your valuable reply. I am not using any VPN or firewall. Going for different browser can help , but I always prefer to use evernote in chrome as it offers greater flexibility and also it's quite robust. I am quite amazed since it occurs only during the first login.  

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Hmmn.  Having to log in twice is annoying,  but I guess it's not world-breaking.  Maybe try a different profile,  or clearing existing caches?

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