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Why does connecting to Outlook calendar require approval

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Why does connecting Evernote to my Outlook / MS 365 calendar (for work) require approval from my employer?

My employer of course wouldn't approve this.

Other calendar apps can connect to calendars including MS 365 without requiring approval -- and even create events for those calendars.

Sounds like Evernote is asking for more permissions than required on the surface.





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Evernote is,  quite properly,  asking for permission from the Admin 'owner' of the device to install a new feature.  If that were not done,  any casual user of a computer could alter its setup and possibly lock the owner out of their own machine.  If you have access to other calendars,  have you tried using one of those?

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If you're in the US, because everything you do at work belongs to the company, including making records about who you are meeting with and when.  And it also sounds like your IT folks aren't being as rigorous as maybe they should be to protect the security of the company's system and its intellectual property.

BTW, I'm a semi-retired "suit," not an IT pro.  If my IT staff were allowing older software to connect to my system without admin approval, I would be looking for new IT staff.


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What I mean is other calendar apps (I use a Mac) - such as macOS and iOS' native Calendar, or Fantastical - can connect to my work MS Exchange (Outlook) Calendar and read and create events without needing to ask for permission. I use those apps to manage my calendar events without problems.

How are Evernote's calendar privileges different?

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This is an issue for your employers. It's IT security policy has been set to require approval. This isn't something that Evernote requires.

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All the processing of calendar stuff is not done on your computer but on the Evernote server so it needs to know which calendars belong to your account and connect to them. This is so all devices can see the same info. 

Pretty sure fantastical uses the internal calendar APIs of the individual computer which you are already logged into. There's no server based stuff going on. 

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34 minutes ago, prestigiousbat said:

Then please explain why I can use other calendar apps to manage my work Outlook calendar without requiring approval and without issue.

I guess you'd have to ask your employer IT team what security settings they have.

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