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Create and link to a new note from where you are typing- in Android please



This excellent Obsidian like feature was added to the Web browser version in release 10.82.0 a couple of weeks ago. There have been three android releases since then but as at 10.84.2 we still don't have this feature.

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I've looked at Obsidian a lot over the past few months but I keep coming back to Evernote - it is so much simpler to use and a LOT quicker! But - one thing I really do love about Obsidian is the ability to enter a link to a note just by typing in [[ and then entering in the note title you want to link to. It is especially useful if you want to link to a few notes.


Linking notes in Evernote is wonderful the the whole process on Android is a bit cumbersome - any possibility we could have a shortcut?

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