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(Archived) Problem with "Hide Unassigned Tags" Option



I have a lot of tags that are notebook-specific, so I don't want them to be shown unless I'm on the right notebook. "Hide unassigned tags" seems to mostly do what I want, except it has one problem: when I click a tag, all other tags disappear.

Here's what I mean:



Any chance this will be fixed in a future release? (Or better yet, an option for only showing tags for specific notebooks?)


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If all the notes that are tagged with "CSC 330" have no other tag, then I'd say that it's working as designed...

Hide Unassigned Tags works by taking the notes that appear in the note list (whether filtered or not), and shows all the tags for those notes in the tag Tree, plus their parent tags (even if those tags are not present in the filtered list; this allows you to see the tree structure)

By clicking on the tag "CSC 330", you are further filtering the note list to show only notes that have that tag. The Hide Unassigned Tags rule continues to apply; i.e., any tag that is applied to any note in the list resulting from filtering on tag "CSC 330" (plus its parent tag, as mentioned before) is considered to be 'Assigned', and only these appear in the Tag Tree. Therefore, if "CSC 330" is the only tag applied to any of these notes, then no other tag will appear in the Tag Tree. You can't have 'Hide Unassigned Tags' work and not work at the same time.


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Yes, the "unassigned" feature isn't limited to just your notebook selection, it hides tags that aren't found in any of the notes in your current search criteria. The selected notebook is just one of many search/filter criteria that you can use. This allows you to interactively "drill down" on notes and tags to find what you need.

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Here is exactly what I do ("Hide unassigned tags" is activated):

1. click on a notebook => only tags used in this notebook are shown

2. select a tag => all other tags disappear

3. click again on the selected notebook => nothing happens

In the Windows version after step 3 all tags used in this notebook are shown again (like after step 1), because the selected tag becomes unselected.

Do you know what I mean? It would be great if the Mac version works the same.

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I use evernote for mac. As far as I can see 'hide assigned tags' will display not only an associated tag but also the entire tag group it is in. In other words it will actually display a lot of tags that are not related to your search at all. Therefore not that useful a feature, as yet :D if one uses a tag structure.

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