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(Archived) Multiple EN Accounts on the same machine

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I did some searching but was not able to find an answer. Is it possible to have multiple EN accounts open at the same time. I have a work account and a personal account. However, every once in a while these two seemingly separate parts of my life cross. When that happens, I need to reference items from both accounts. Is it possible to have my EN "work" account and my "home" account open on the same desktop at the same time, or will I have to switch between?

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The easiest way to switch between two accounts is to have one open on a desktop client & another open, using the web client.

On the Windows client, I think you can switch by logging out of one account & into another. I think on Mac, you have to actually have multiple user accounts (or something like that. I'm not Mac, so am not familiar with it. Please use the search function to clarify.)

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