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Testing simple Make.com scenarios hit the rate limit. Can anything be done?

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Had some success with Make building scenarios for handling attachments and the like. I'm testing something for my remarkable notes where I reorder the attachments in Evernote in page number order, so I always see the latest page I've added at the top of the note.

Just testing this, which involves running a make scenario once, and picking up a single note that is new, I've hit the rate limit set by Evernote. I understand this is hourly yes? I can't believe I've hit a rate limit when I've been picking "new notes" maybe once every 5 mins.

Is there a place I can review what Evernote think I have requested or logs or something? I'm assuming not.



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Hi.  That's a 'talk to Evernote' kind of issue - mainly other customers here.  I do know my backups get interrupted every so often for a reset,  so clearly it's a thing - but with millions of users 24/7 I guess they heed to protect the level of traffic any one account draws.

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Unfortunately EN only describes what a rate limit is (see Rate Limits) - but they do not describe how it is counted 😞

I meet this message often with my scenarios (mainly to adjust Reminder times) and asked support for help (better description, tools to observe current usage, enlarge limits, ...) but got nothing except the above link...

Most often a RATE_LIMIT_REACHED error comes up with "RTE room has already been open for note". This means that a note cannot be processed because the interactive client has locked the note for API access even some time after you released it in your app. 

On Make's site scenario is re-executed if such a problem is encountered. At first time after 5 minutes. If it this second try fails, scenario is re-executed after another 5 minutes. Then after an 10 minutes, Then after an hour, then after 3 hours, ...

In most cases my scenario succeeded after the 2nd or 3rd try.

But this is a only a (working, but worse) workaround. From my point of view, EN should widen the limits in any way, close RTE rooms faster or (best) find a way to enable API access in parallel to interactive work. This in turn might be solved with an explicit sync which they refuse to implement 😤

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