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(Archived) Discount for students?

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We do not have an educational discount for single users, only for sponsored accounts.


People can sign up for a sponsored account (it does not need to be a large organization, or a "whole" University), and can qualify for the educational discount after submitting the proper documentation.

There is a $250 upfront credit authorization to set up Sponsored accounts, however, so I would suggest that if you would like to join, you would find around 10 people who would like to join with you (like a Fraternity/Sorority/Computer Club), and for $25 each they can have 10 months of Evernote Premium (then afterwards, you can start managing the group access with new memberships).

And lest you don't want to be stuck with the bill with your own information, you can use a prepaid credit card from your local Mall, 7-11, Staples, etc, to fund the purchase. (Oh yes, I remember college, and how shifty everyone could be when it came time to pay up.)

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