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Bunch of errors when changing to another list view

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Evernote is completely broken.

These errors appear when changing to list view.

Not possible to click anywhere to change it back to another view.

Yesterday web client login not possible, today bunch of errors.

And still Ev. wants everyone to pay and shows very intrusive payment overlay after payment overlay.

This does not fit together. On the one hand bugs over bugs on the other users should pay.

Anyway, please fix. ; )


TypeError: ((intermediate value)(intermediate value)(intermediate value) || []).toSorted is not a function
Component Stack:


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Check in another browser. If it works there, go back to the first, log out (if you are still logged in) and log back in. Then check in the original browser if the problem persists.

If you don't have the problem in the other browser, and it persists in the first one, you need to check your browser extensions and settings for interference.

Why do I tell ? Because I tried in 2 different browsers (Safari, Firefox) and found no problem at all switching between views.

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thx! works in firefox.

no extensions installed. problem persists in chrome. what else could it be?

only list view (side) and list view (above) is broken.

card view works, "snippet view" works as well.

tried after deleting website data, restarting, privacy mode etc., same bug.



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