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Support request not working

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We have a Teams account but we have never been able to reach support.  We get the following error when contacting support:

Oops, we encountered an error.

Unexpected error.
Our server has experienced difficulties processing your request (/SupportLogin.action)
You may need to Sign in to your account to access this page.

It has been this way since we started the account 2 years ago.  When you sign in it just takes you to the Teams page and right back to the error screen if you try to contact support again.  We are having a problem with our account and we need to contact support.  Is there another way to reach them?

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I suspect that support for Teams may work differently to personal accounts.

I'd suggest that go to this support page and follow the links.


Try logging in with the admin account info. If that still doesn't work then start again and choose Guest Access. Of course be sure to select Business Account Teams from the drop down options list.

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