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Forever stuck on "sorry, we’re having some trouble loading Evernote Web. Try reloading"

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For 2 days now everytime I try to acess evernote on Evernote web the message "sorry, we’re having some trouble loading Evernote Web. Try reloading" appears.

My account work fine on the app on my phone , but evernote web seems to be with a problem of its own.

Some people suggested to me it might be a atualisation thing, but no new attualisation appeared. The problem is not on my computer or connection. I checked

Also It is not a multiple devices problem. I checked this one to

I really do not know what its happening and it is really weird for my app to be working just fine but EvernoteWeb dont.

Please help





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I have the same issue on a Chromebook running Google Chrome Version 103.0.5060.132 (Official Build) (64-bit).

When I open the Evernote web interface it shows the error "Sorry, we’re having some trouble loading Evernote Web.Try reloading the page.", which seems to be a generic error message when the app can't load properly.

According to Operating system requirements for Evernote:



  • Chrome version 108 or newer
  • Firefox version 111 or newer
  • Edge version 108 or newer
  • Opera version 94 or newer
  • Safari version 16.4 or newer

At least in my case, it seems Evernote doesn't properly catch errors that might or not be about an outdated browser version, and/or an error on the server side.

In the Javascript console there are many errors from en-conduit-web-worker.44a68e19be3331974451.js:


[10:48:31:0223]  WARN: en-conduit-web-worker: SQLiteWasmUtility SQLite/WASM log Ignoring inability to install OPFS sqlite3_vfs: Cannot install OPFS: Missing SharedArrayBuffer and/or Atomics. The server must emit the COOP/COEP response headers to enable those. See https://sqlite.org/wasm/doc/trunk/persistence.md#coop-coep

[10:48:31:0279] ERROR: en-conduit-web-worker: SQLiteWasmUtility Failed to install OPFS-sahpool VFS (trial 1/3)

[10:48:32:0279] ERROR: en-conduit-web-worker: SQLiteWasmUtility Failed to install OPFS-sahpool VFS (trial 2/3)

[10:48:33:0280] ERROR: en-conduit-web-worker: SQLiteWasmUtility Failed to install OPFS-sahpool VFS (trial 3/3)

[10:48:33:0286]  WARN: en-conduit-web-worker:  Recording metrics without having a valid destination

[10:48:33:0299]  WARN: en-conduit-web-worker:  Failed to initialize SQLite WASM database: ,Error: OPFS-sahpool is not supported by the given sqlite instance. VFS install error: Error: The local OPFS API is too old for opfs-sahpool: it has an async FileSystemSyncAccessHandle.close() method.    at t.requireOpfsSAHPoolSupport (https://web.desktop.evernote.com/builds/next_20240417161904/en-conduit-web-worker.44a68e19be3331974451.js:4:2874268)    at c.getOrCreate (https://web.desktop.evernote.com/builds/next_20240417161904/en-conduit-web-worker.44a68e19be3331974451.js:4:2880665)    at async Object.KeyValStorage (https://web.desktop.evernote.com/builds/next_20240417161904/en-conduit-web-worker.44a68e19be3331974451.js:4:2855859)    at async t.LocalSettings.init (https://web.desktop.evernote.com/builds/next_20240417161904/en-conduit-web-worker.44a68e19be3331974451.js:4:1230585)    at async t.ConduitCore.init (https://web.desktop.evernote.com/builds/next_20240417161904/en-conduit-web-worker.44a68e19be3331974451.js:4:1055793)    at async t.ConduitWorkerIPC.init (https://web.desktop.evernote.com/builds/next_20240417161904/en-conduit-web-worker.44a68e19be3331974451.js:4:2857107)    at async t (https://web.desktop.evernote.com/builds/next_20240417161904/en-conduit-web-worker.44a68e19be3331974451.js:4:2836326) 
8372.84515dc7aea595e3644d.js:4 [10:48:33:0313] ERROR: ion-conduit: client:main ION init failed {"name":"FatalError","errorCode":"SQLITE_ERROR","details":{},"message":"Failed to initialize SQLite WASM database"} 

According to https://sqlite.org/wasm/doc/trunk/persistence.md#coop-coep:


In order to offer some level of transparent concurrent-db-access support, JavaScript's SharedArrayBuffer type is required for the OPFS VFS, and that class is only available if the web server includes the so-called COOP and COEP response headers when delivering scripts:

Cross-Origin-Embedder-Policy: require-corp
Cross-Origin-Opener-Policy: same-origin

Without these headers, the SharedArrayBuffer will not be available, so the OPFS VFS will not load. That class is required in order to coordinate communication between the synchronous and asynchronous parts of the sqlite3_vfs OPFS proxy.

The COEP header may also have a value of credentialless, but whether or not that will work in the context of any given application depends on how it uses other remote assets.

How to emit those headers depends on the underlying web server.

Anyway, I contacted support to ask them to at least inform the user to update their browser if they are not supported instead of asking the user to try again (in vain).

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47 minutes ago, Dave-in-Decatur said:

For me, sometimes just clearing the cookies for the past hour or past day will fix it.

A quick test (but not a solution!) is to try to login in incognito mode - if it works, clearing cookies (and/or other browser data) is definitely recommended.

Unfortunately, that didn't help in my case...

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